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Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park
Morrison, Colorado

Conditions - Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park is a large concert complex near the foothills outside Denver surrounded by a large mountain park full of stunning red rocks. It is open to the public every day except when a concert is scheduled (a couple times a week in the summer). Upon arriving here, you will instantly see breathtaking views of downtown Denver, lakes, jagged sandstone outcroppings, and mountains. Red Rocks is solid rock, dirt, and concrete so leave your purse at home because you won't be making any soft landings here. It can get pretty hot in the bottom areas because of the materials and sometimes windy at the top due to the natural land formation. Red Rocks is very well taken care of and safety and cleanliness is hardly a concern.

Security - There are a couple employees who are always wandering around the park but it is highly unlikely they will bother you. The only people to worry about are the sometimes pesky tourists. Also, during the summer, there are concerts a couple days a week so the amphitheater is closed or restricted the day of and sometimes the day before or after the event. Ignore the staff and don't go anywhere that is closed for the day and they'll ignore you. Climbing on the rocks is highly discouraged by signs that threaten you with a $999 fine or 180 days in jail. However, there is never anyone patrolling the area and it is highly unlikely you would ever be caught.

Obstacles - The complex can be split into five zones; courtyard, restaurant, stage, south of the stage, and the amphitheater seating. All five zones offer unique obstacles suitable for all levels of traceurs. The courtyard offers many walls and rails to vault, two huge cat leaps, and kong precisions. The restaurant has many stair sets, drops, a huge same level cat leap, and a very nice near vertical giant rock for wall running. Highlights of the stage include many climbing opportunities and tons of rails. This whole area is covered, making for a perfect backup plan if it starts to rain. South of the stage you will find many more walls for vaulting and climbing, cat leaps, gaps, drops, and many precisions suitable for everyone from beginners to the suicidal. Finally, the audience seating area offers tons of slanted rails, stair sets, small cat leaps, precisions, and about 150 giant seating rows for the fitness fanatic to keep in top shape with. There are also small tidbits of parkour opportunities all over that aren't in these zones. Oh yeah, did I mention the countless opportunities for natural parkour on the boulders and rock formations?

Features: Incredible rock parkour, rails, and a variety of all obstacles.
Lacks: Grass and a sense of security for beginners.

Overall - Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park is an outstanding hotspot to experience. You could spend a whole day here and not even session half the place. In fact, you could spend half a day here without even doing any parkour because it is such a renowned tourist attraction. The only drawbacks to this hotspot are the lack of easily accessed supplies and the semi-remote location. With good weather, little security, no safety issues, and tons of obstacles, Red Rocks is one of the most complete single areas for parkour I have seen in real life or video.

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