Since the summer of 2005, Colorado Parkour has worked with various companies for video projects, classes, and more. Colorado Parkour is available for multimedia projects, workshops and classes, live events, and much more. To contact Colorado Parkour, click here.

09.16.2006-Current | Parkour Classes
Weekly parkour classes in Denver and Boulder. For more information, click here.

11.19.2008 | Women's Adventure Magazine Workshop
An eight session training camp for six women from Women's Adventure Magazine. A feature article recounting their experience is scheduled for publication in a Spring 2009 issue.
11.08.2008 | Foothills Academy Parkour
An after school parkour program at Foothills Academy led by Colorado Parkour instructors.
09.29.2008 | Intel/Seagate Video
A promotional video by Matt M. and Ryan F. commissioned by Intel and Seagate. » View «
09.22.2008 | Navy SWCC Training Camp
A week long training camp held by the Colorado Parkour Academy for the Navy SWCC.
11.07.2007 | Odyssey School Parkour
An after school parkour program at the Odyssey School in Denver for grades 5-8 led by Colorado Parkour instructors.
10.05.2007 | Oberon Middle School Parkour Club
An after school parkour club at Oberon Middle School in Arvada led by Colorado Parkour instructors.
10.18.2007 | Aspen Valley Snowboard Team Workshop
A parkour cross training workshop emphasizing landings and control for 12 high level snowboarders ages 12-18 from the Aspen Valley Snowboard Club.
06.22.2007 | Mountain Dew/Current TV
COPK introduced Motive Design and Interactive to parkour for a prospective project. Shot in Chicago, it features Demon from COPK along with Ando, Frosti, Skynative, Hak, and Cloud. The mini-doc can be seen on here.
05.12.2007 | Timberland Concept Photo Shoot
Timberland Concept Photo Shoot in downtown Denver featuring Demon and Kannagisai. Photos by Keith Ladzinski.

08.26.2006 | The Spot SummerFest 2006 Demo
Freerunning demo at Summer Fest 2006 sponsored by La Sportiva in conjunction with The Spot Bouldering Gym.

05.31.2006 | Mayan Theater District B13 Premiere
Organization and promotion of the District B13 movie premiere at the Mayan Theater in Denver.

04.01.2006-Current | La Sportiva
Shoe and class sponsorships.

06.06.2005-Current | Eagle Ridge Media
Filming for multiple video projects and promotional material.

View the Tempest Jam video here.
View the June 4th, 2005 Jam video here.

© 2006 Colorado Parkour

Colorado Parkour has worked with the press to produce many positive and successful articles. Colorado Parkour welcomes the media to various events, jams, classes and more. To contact Colorado Parkour, click here.

11.24.2008 | FLYP Media
A high profile article that takes a look into parkour and parkour communities all around the USA. » View «
09.12.2008 | Outside Magazine
An article featuring Ryan F. and the Colorado Parkour Academy. Also features a short online instructional video by Ryan F. and Sat K. » View Video «
06.06.2008 | Denver Westword
A short article about the Denver Parkour Academy at Gym Riki. » View «
11.06.2007 | ESPN - E:60 Parkour
A parkour segment from ESPN's show E:60. The segment features Colorado Parkour and Demon's trip to France. » View «
08.11.2007 | CBS - Colorado Getaways Extreme
On Saturday, a video segment on the COPK parkour classes was featured on Colorado Getaways Extreme on CBS. » View «
08.06.2007 | "Out There Guy" - Parkour
A video segment on parkour featuring the COPK advanced parkour class. The segment will also air on local Boulder TV later this month. » View «
08.04.2007 | Rocky Mountain News
A very well done article featuring COPK members Demon, kannagisai, Rock, Austin W., Telegirl, Nick B., and Sat Santokh. » View «

06.29.2007 | New York Times
While the article focuses mainly on PK Cali, other local communities are summarized at the end including COPK. » View «

06.27.2007 | KRFC 88.9 FM
A sports radio program featuring a segment on parkour with guests Mark Toorock of APK and Demon from COPK.

06.11.2007 | College Sports TV
An article featuring Demon and Aclimbatize, both from CU Boulder. The article ran in the Colorado Daily and on College Sports TV. » View «

05.21.2007 | FOX News
A news report featuring Demon, kannagasai, Sat, Andy, Saint 7, and the Colorado Parkour classes. » View «

04.29.2007 | ESPN Magazine
A short parkour article that mentions Colorado and has a quote from Demon.

04.29.2007 | Climbing Magazine
A short parkour article featuring COPK traceurs and Sebastien Foucan. The article also mentions COPK classes and The Spot Bouldering Gym.

04.09.2007 | New Yorker Magazine
An outstanding article that features COPK traceurs alongside David Belle and Mark Toorock. » View «

04.06.2007 | TIME Magazine
An unfortunately over-sensationalized article done by TIME on parkour and college campuses. The article includes some quotes from Demon and info on parkour at the University of Colorado at Boulder. » View «

09.16.2006 | 9 News Colorado Sports High Definition Special
A creative segment on parkour from the 9 News Colorado Sports High Definition Special featuring COPK traceurs Demon, kannagisai, Sat, Quazar, Nick, Altimot, and Kenny. » View «

08.26.2006 | Front Range Bouldering Podcast
A spur of the moment audio interview featuring Demon and kannagisai. The interview was recorded after the freerunning demo at SummerFest 2006. While it has some good information, the questions are repetitive and disorganized. » Listen «

08.01.2006 | Law Week Colorado
A short but informational article on parkour. Features a short interview by Demon and portrays parkour in a very respectful manner to an important audience. However, the use of copyrighted photos is a little puzzling. » View «

05.23.2006 | FOX News
A video feature featuring Demon, Strydzz, and kannagasai. Due to several large errors and misrepresentations by FOX's production, it is not a piece COPK is particularly proud of.

05.01.2006 | Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine
A short informational article featuring an interview with Demon and a photo of kannagasai taken by Essie. However, permission was not given to use the photo.

05.01.2006 | 5280 Magazine
A unique article comparing a traceur's view of architecture with that of an expert architect's. The article featured an interview with Demon and a photo by Chocolate. » View «

04.01.2006 | The Dirt
Previously run in The Daily Camera, the article later appeared in the Dirt, a free Boulder newspaper. » View «

03.14.2006 | The Daily Camera
An informational article featuring Demon and Strydzz. Possibly the best article done by COPK to date. » View Article « » View Gallery «

03.03.2006 | The Colorado Springs Gazette
An informational article featuring Colorado traceurs Quazar, Altimot, and Cheetah as well as PD and AC on their nationwide freerunning tour. » View «

02.11.2006 | The Colorado Daily
An informational article featuring Demon and Strydzz. » View «

09.08.2005 | The Associated Press
An informational article featuring Demon, Rithi, and Eli accompanied by photos of Demon and Nick. The article appeared in the Tampa Bay Times. » View «

09.01.2005 | University of Colorado at Boulder Campus Press
An informational article featuring Demon, Rithi, and Essie. » View «

09.18.2005 | 9 News
A video feature featuring Demon, kannagisai, Chocolate, Shea, and Rithi. The video aired on NBC affiliates in Denver, CO, Knoxville, TN, Columbia, SC, Greensboro, NC, Oklahoma City, OK, Jacksonville, FL, New Orleans, LA, and more. » View «

09.01.2006 | The Denver Post
An informational article featuring Demon, Dela, kannagisai, Rithi, and frankiethefish. » View «

07.01.2006 | The Boulder Weekly
The first article done by COPK. An informational article featuring Demon, Rithi, and Spawn of Loki. » View «

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